About Us

Who are we?

Eckhardt Provisions is a textile and paper goods brand dedicated to making unique, handcrafted products that elevate the everyday into something special.

Our linen aprons are lightweight and stylish, beloved by serious home cooks and professionals alike.

Our linen napkins are perfect for special meals at home or celebratory picnics.

Our paper products are naturally dyed and great for simple yet bold note-taking or invitation-sending.

Why "Eckhardt?"

The Eckhardt family were pioneers of their time, establishing a store in rural Texas in 1848 in an area that later became Yorktown, a main thoroughfare in that part of the state leading to San Antonio. Their general store was the centerpiece of what grew into a bustling town in the west. Growing up visiting her family's ranch in Yorktown, Lauren has set out to carry on their tradition of treasuring the longevity of thoughtfully handmade items using quality materials built to stand the test of time.